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About RESEARCHXplore

The RESEARCH Xplore online digital library is a premium online information resources, it allows researchers to access the scientific and technical content of National and International peer reviewed journal, technical reports, monographs, conferences proceedings and website information published by CPeCR (Centre for Promote e Communication of Research) and other publishers.

RESEARCH Xplore is the web based most comprehensive scientific research tool with over 30,000 scientific and technical items.The content in RESEARCH Xplore comprises 10 academic, research and industry journals, over 20 conference proceedings, technical reports and monographs.

RESEARCH Xplore: Faster and Easy to use with powerful search options, a clearer and more efficiently designed basic interface with faceted navigation and refinement capabilities along with an advanced interface option for power users.

RESEARCH Xplore provides abstracts free access for the scholarly and academic community as an Open-Access, the full text access of articles is subjected to the terms and conditions of publishers.

RESEARCH Xplore helps researchers, editors and publishers to overcome their challenges and reach their goals quickly and effectively.

Do you recognize the following challenges:

  • Globally increase the visibility of publications
  • Open Access to a global audience
  • Finding reviewer for peer-review of publications
  • Increase the citation of publications
  • Reducing time spent on gathering and analyzing information
  • Enabling researchers with easy access to the most relevant, comprehensive and up-to-date information available and letting them focus more on their actual research
  • Drive usage to your publications

Using RESEARCHXplore as a researcher

  • Search out the latest research publication published in your area of interest.
  • Improve the citation of your article as thousands of visitors visiting every day.
  • Also provides the information about important national international scientific events.

Using RESEARCHXplore as a publisher

  • Publishers can avail FREE listing of their Journals
  • Increase the visibility of your publications
  • Accessibility of publications to a global audience
  • Finding reviewer for peer-review of publications

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