About CPeCR

About CPeCR

The impact of any research output depends on how effectively it communicated and accessible to the widest possible audience. Constraints on publishing, including speed and distance, are being removed by the Web technology. Electronic communication (also referred to as e-publishing or digital publishing or online publishing) and open access are new ways in research communication and opening greater access for more people. Open access can have a positive effect on knowledge transfer and bring consequent economic benefits for the scientific and technical community as a whole. The open access scholarly communication crisis is still worsening, for a number of reasons: lack of awareness among scholars of the benefits of open access to the scientific literature; resistance to economic changes by scholarly publishers/societies; lack of infrastructure and support to societies for open access. To overcome the barriers and harness the potential of digital technology, the Centre for Promote E Communication of Research (CPeCR) established to work together academicians, researchers and publishers for promoting the research communication electronically. CPeCR is a non-governmental, non-profit R&D organization registered under the Societies Registration Act of India.


Facilitate the rapid and efficient dissemination of research worldwide for the benefit of Society and Humanity.


Harnessing the potential of digital technology in creation, acquisition, dissemination of knowledge and increasing the availability, accessibility and applicability of Research Outputs in various disciplines for social and economic development of humankind.

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